Living Digital at CHI

This year Living Digital has a number of papers and workshops at CHI 2015:


  • Providing Adaptive Health Updates Across the Personal Social Network
    Wendy Moncur, Judith Masthoff, Ehud Reiter, Yvonne Freer, Hien Nguyen
  • Situational Ethics: Re-thinking Approaches to Formal Ethics Requirements for Human-Computer Interaction
    Cosmin Munteanu, Heather Molyneaux, Wendy Moncur, Mario Romero, Susan O’Donnell, John Vines
  • Things That Make Us Reminisce: Everyday Memory Cues as Opportunities for Interaction Design
    Doménique van Gennip, Elise van den Hoven, Panos Markopoulos
  • Assessing the Supportiveness of Gift Emoticons in Care Scenarios
    Kirsten Smith


  • Designing Alternative Systems for local Communities
    Vasillis Vlachokyriakos, Rob Comber, Clara Crivellaro, Nick Taylor, Stacey Kuznetsov, Andrea Kavanaugh, Christopher A. Le Dantec, Joon Kim

See you in Korea!