Dr Helen Jones

Helen Jones currently works as a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire. She is also a Visiting Fellow in the Living Digital Group at the University of Dundee, having previously worked on the TAPESTRY project with Professor Wendy Moncur. Within the project, Helen conducted research examining the social psychological mechanisms underpinning the development of trust when interacting with strangers online, with a focus on online crowdfunding platforms. By understanding the factors influencing trust behaviour, the project aims to demonstrate how this might be manipulated by fraudsters and work towards novel security solutions that encourage secure connectivity online.

Helen’s current research focuses more broadly on understanding how people behave online, in particular focusing on the decision-making processes that can leave them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. She completed her PhD at Lancaster University, researching the potential psychological predictors of susceptibility to phishing emails. In particular, this work considered cognitive (e.g. inhibition, cognitive reflection) and situational (e.g. time pressure, email relevance) influences on email response behaviour.

Other research interests include insider threat detection, social media, and social influence in online contexts.

Email: hsjones1@uclan.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)1772 893445