Charting the Digital Lifespan

Charting the Digital Lifespan (CDL) is a two-year project investigating the digital lifespan of UK citizens both now and in a future where Digital Natives (who are currently young adults) will experience three key transition points in the human lifespan: leaving secondary school, becoming a parent, and retiring from work.

Our research involves talking to people and finding out about their experiences, as well as the design and evaluation of novel technologies for depicting and managing digital representations across the lifespan. We’re generating a rich picture of what the digital lifespan means for our UK population by charting how people live their lives online now and expect to in the near future.

Combining social, technical, design, and cultural expertise, the CDL project considers what it means for individuals to ‘live out’ digital lives across the complete human lifespan.

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Contact: Wendy Moncur, Kathryn Orzech, Anne-Marie Mann